Today screen and start-menu manager for your Pocket PC

SKMenu is a powerful menu tool, file manager and explorer and desktop organization solution for your Pokcet PC. With a huge range of features and functions, SKMenu allows you to personalize every single aspect of your Pocket PC user experience and puts other 'launch' type applications to shame.

Some key features include:

  • Freely positionable SKMenu symbol on Today screen/Task /Tray bar
  • Freely positionable SKMenu symbol as indicator with status display
  • Indicator modes: digital, graphic
  • Freely selectable SKMenu symbol size
  • Freely selectable fonts (name, size, type)
  • Freely selectable color for menu text
  • Freely selectable color for menu highlighted text
  • Screenshot option
  • Freely selectable sound (.wav) for Screenshot option
  • Clear Type On/Off
  • Freely definable colors for SKMenu window like symbol background, fonts, separators, window background, highlight background)
  • Freely selectable color for menu font
  • Freely selectable color for separator line
  • Freely selectable size for separator line
  • Freely selectable color for highlight background
  • Skinnable Menu window background (picture support .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp)
  • Assumption of actual theme for Menu window background
  • Wallpaper effects: Tile/Stretch
  • Import/Export function for skins
  • Direct access to system settings

...and much more besides! Install SKMenu for a trial run today and you'll never look back!



SKMenu 1.7.10